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Monday, January 18, 2016

Aim For Quality

The Internet is so big, so powerful and so novel that even decades later we're just getting into a place where quality is king. It has taken many years to get things shaken out to the point that quality really matters when it comes to ranking but also, with a couple generation having lived their entire lives with the internet in the home, people are now becoming tuned into the type of language and emotion of electronic communication. It was once very easy to con people and be conned but times have changed. Nothing runs a millennial away faster than BS. So avoid it at all cost. We are entering a phase where everyone will have to create their own brand online and then transfer that into whatever career they choose, whether or not it is an online profession. Make sure you are providing the world with quality content, honest and genuine personality and carefully tapping into the emotional experience you want them to have when they come across your brand.

Many people forget about the emotional experience that customers or partners have when dealing with a business, but that is in fact one of the two most important factors in any successful business. Think about Mac for a minute. They are possibly the best at creating an emotion experience and attachment to their brand. The box their products come in are better than some of their competitors products. The sexy lines and curves, the sounds from clicking the mouse pad. The texture, and the list goes on and on. The total user experience is amazing from start to finish and it leaves customers feeling emotionally invested, which they are because they just paid nearly double for the same product as their competitors offer but the customer feels like it was worth it. Why? Because the emotional experience was important to Mac and the customer unconsciously feels it.

In the internet world you are a brand. You must take care of your brand. Make it quality, make it count.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Snow Castle

We got tons of snow over the holiday season but it was so cold it didn’t melt nor was it any good for making snowmen or snow forts until the last couple of days. It warmed up a bit and we had tons of fun playing in it. We made a big snow fort on our back patio. It has a slide off one side going down the little hill, two windows and a bench inside. Scarlett says she’s Elsa and the fort is her snow castle, which makes me the snow monster and Sawyer the enemy. We built Olaf as well. Tana had class so the three of us played into the night. The kids would have never stopped if the snow monster didn’t make them.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Learn From the Best

There are great lessons to be learned and motivation to be gained by learning from the best. I find great joy in watching videos about Michael Jordan because he has such a relentless desire to be great at everything he does. He is motivating because his work ethic and focus is contagious. He has found fabulous nuggets of wisdom through his journey. The same with the top performers in other industries as well, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others have come onto great habits, knowledge and wisdom through their lives. It's not just the wisdom though. As I wrote about in my New Year’s article, it's the type of motivation that comes from hanging around these people that I frequently need.

Setting a New Year’s goal to lose weight or gain muscle is very superficial and hard to maintain motivation, unless you hang around people that are not only obsessed with health and fitness but live it well. If you and your frequent associates constantly talk about and do things like make health conscious food choices, educate yourselves and each other about the newest bit of information you found in regards to fat burning and muscle building, or heart health, go to the gym together, and enjoy the benefits of feeling amazing together. You will maintain motivation and speed up the process of progression which is motivating in and of itself. You must not make it a challenge of your willpower, rather an enlightening of your mind. Feed your brain the information it needs to make a real and lasting change in your lifestyle. Start from the place of power and the results are sure to come.

Since many of my goals are centered around quality family time and financial freedom. I read and listen to people that are in the place that I want to be. I hang around those people in the best possible way, every single day. I watch hours of You Tube videos every week and it’s not fails or pranks. I watch biographies, documentaries and speeches. I get on live streams and engage with the people who know exactly how to create the things I am working toward. It eliminates the guess work in a lot of ways, and puts the motivation and the process in my brain every day which naturally causes me to act in ways that are in my best interest.

A video I watched today actually talked about getting yourself into the top 5% of the thing you do well. Become one of the best, but in order to be one of the best, you have to know and do things that the majority doesn’t know and do. It takes lots of time and effort to become the best but the learning curve can be cut by learning directly from the best right now.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016



One thing that C.S. Lewis said in his book Mere Christianity is that there are two things he knows about humans. First, that they are tormented by the belief that they ought to be living by some sort of moral code, and secondly, that they do not live by said moral code. It is an interesting thought and in one sense related to the moral code is the fact that we willingly engage in things that not only detract from the lives of people around us but from our own lives.

I recently watched a video by Tai Lopez where he talked about the importance of never engaging in a lose-lose situation. Always look for win-win situations or at least win-lose. There is no benefit to engaging in a lose-lose situation whether it’s a fist fight or a word of criticism meant maliciously it is of no benefit or value to you or the other party involved, so avoid them at all cost. Tai talked about even taking the small amount of time and energy to click the thumbs down sign on a You Tube video definitely is a lose for the maker of the video but what for you? You get a negative emotion from telling the video producer and the world that you don’t like the video and that you’re a negative person who doesn’t have the emotional and self-awareness to simply use your time and energy in search of something better suited for you and your circumstances. Are those the types of thoughts, feelings and emotions you want to communicate to yourself and others? I sure hope not because it’s a path leading to more negativity and useless productivity.

The actual activities we engage in are only a reflection of our emotional and intellectual state of being. Just like the messages others offer to us are only a reflection of themselves. When someone compliments you on something, it doesn’t really say anything about you other than that you and the person giving the compliment have a similar appreciation for something, but the compliment is only a reflection of the giver, or a bit of information about them being given to you. For this reason it’s nice to get feedback about specific things we are putting out to the world so we can continue, adjust or discontinue the product, but there isn’t any use for intentional negativity. The lack of positive feedback is typically enough feedback about how the general population feels about any given product or idea.

Now, you will never be able to stop another person from engaging in negative behavior or lose-lose engagements but you can make sure you never do, and that is the main point of this post. Never, ever, ever find yourself engaging in a lose-lose situation, it is not worth your time, energy or wellbeing.

I recently watched a documentary about savants and their incredible abilities to recall information or perform outrageous mathematical equations. One theory about the typical human brain though, is that we trim specific pieces of unneeded data in order to function well in a wide variety of situations. Like the changing environments of waking up at home, navigating traffic in bad weather, performing well at work, socializing with peers, raising children and so on. This idea may play a major part in what some call the law of attraction. What we think about is what we attract, or could it be, what we think about, meditate about and work toward is the information our brains register as needed and therefor is not trimmed away, and it becomes much more apparent to us that the things we want are increased, improved and more present? Whether the law of attraction really is a law of the universe or a game within our own brains I highly recommend filling your brain with positivity. It has been proven time and time again that those who focus on positivity feel positive. Those who focus on their blessings feel happy and blessed and those who feel gratitude and full of love are kinder to others. Simply put, it is not worth it in any way to engage in lose-lose situations. Look for positivity always, and in return you will receive positivity.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Cooking With The Kids

Over the long holiday weekend we had plenty of time to just relax and enjoy one another’s company. So yesterday I made homemade pretzels with the kids. They couldn’t get the dough to stretch out very well because when you stretch it, it just breaks and they didn’t have the patients to slowly roll it out to long rope like piece of dough required to fold a pretzel but they sure loved playing in all the flour. Today’s post is a short one but to all of you who are busy with so many different aspects of life. Stop and enjoy a chill moment with the people you love. Thanks for tuning in.

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mere Christianity By C. S. Lewis

Mere Christianity is a short theological book that slowly points more and more towards Christianity. I thought it was a very interesting read because of the fabulous writing style of C.S. Lewis and because he brings up really good points for discussion, and then proceeds to have a detailed discussion. I was entertained through every chapter. He has an amazing ability to give clear and concise examples to prove a point all while keeping you on target to hear his point. The examples he brings up in every chapter are things that every person can relate to, things that he experienced, saw and lived through, and therefore it is easy for the reader to grab on as well. Throughout the book he’ll bring up potential arguments or other directions people might go when discussing any given topic but he is quick to say that is not the point he is driving at and it may be a discussion for another chapter or even entirely different book.

In Chapter 3 he mentions two things about the human race that I found quite interesting. Number one, is that we ”are haunted by the idea of a sort of behavior that (we) ought to practice, what you might call fair play, or decency, or morality, or the Law of Nature. (Secondly), that we do not in fact do so.” In other words, we are unable to live the laws we preach with any sort of exactness. The following discussion in the book is worth reading.

He breaks down many of the key principles taught in Christianity such as Faith and Virtue. His spin on the subjects are enlightening because in his own life he claimed himself to be an atheist who through much thought, discussion, reading and practical experience began to see undoubtable evidence of specific laws and human nature that made him dig deeper and deeper until he realized for himself that many of the principles he hated or thought to be untrue turned out to have many different faces and characteristics pertaining to all people in their own circumstances.

One of the reasons he gives for being a Christian is that many old ideas have been rehashed and dismissed by theologians over centuries of time and very few remain. The ones that remain are in the best religions, which have also stood the test of time. So if you are discussing theological ideas with people who do not participate in any of the good religions you are probably discussing topics and ideas that have been disproved many times over.

On the topic of God being a personal God many people have endless arguments because it would appear that God only shows much of himself to very few people. However, I like C. S. Lewis' description of how God is not impartial or showing favoritism rather, “it is impossible for Him to show Himself to a man whose whole mind and character are in the wrong condition. Just as sunlight, though it has no favorites, cannot be reflected in a dusty mirror as clearly as in a clean one.”

There are many great topics I could bring up in regards to this fabulous book. I find it incredibly interesting because I was raised in an extremely religious Christian community which time and time again has proven to be an amazing town. It is ever more apparent as I travel and experience the world. The little Christian community I grew up in is very clean in all respects of the word, is full of kind, generous and humble people and takes care of the people within the community. Most of these great attributes of the community are directly correlated to the strong Christian beliefs throughout the majority of the population.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

I Find This Interesting

I find this interesting. My entire family has been sick this week, for some reason the kids don’t seem nearly as bad as my wife and I. We all have a terrible cough but my wife and I have STREP as well. While it has been miserable to be sick and mostly stay inside over the holiday weekend with so much snow waiting to be played in outside. The interesting thing is, this week has been one of my favorite times in recent history, just because we all stayed home to avoid exposing others to our misfortune. Most family and friends have avoided coming over and in the end it has been a very relaxing, connecting and really rewarding week just being home with the family.

Isn’t it funny how we get so caught up in doing something fun or memorable that we occasionally forget to just enjoy some simple time with the people we love most. One reason I am enjoying this blog so much is because it causes me to analyze my life and take note of things that I might not have thought of a second time. As a parent I think there is nothing more enjoyable and rewarding than spending quality time with my kids. We made up several games, my son read me a book, he’s getting pretty good, we all spent some time on art. My daughter painted, I drew a picture of her and my son wanted to build something which I thought meant Legos so I said how about you draw what you’re going to build and then build it but once he was going he decided to draw a picture of our house and then he cut pieces of paper out and glued them all together to look like the house he had just drawn. All these things are simple but it’s fun to see them imagine, create and learn.

Back to the illness, as a nurse I’ve witnessed first-hand how over drugged we are as a general population. Maybe that causes me to be extreme on the other end or maybe in the end I’ll be better off for it. It’s hard to say. I decided not to get antibiotics for my strep throat. It is painful and annoying so I’ve tried all kinds of natural cures, despite the fact that it’s quite well known that many things can help us avoid getting sick but once the bacteria or virus reaches a point that we begin to feel symptomatic, there really isn’t much you can do to reverse the process, and it usually takes about 4-7 days for most common seasonal illnesses to go away. Never the less, some of the things I have done for many years are Cayenne Pepper in V8 Juice, and Apple Cider Vinegar, especially the organic kind with mother in it. The pain increases when I stop eating and drinking so to help sooth my throat I make up a hot drink that is fabulous. I make some American Saffron Tea in water and apple juice. I put in a scoop of Honey and a couple drops of Lemon Oil.

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