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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Old Obsessions Return

I've had this sudden attack, a need to hear more Foo Fighters and more and more and more.... with no end in sight. I think the Foo Fighters are unique in that he yells but not in the high I wanna sound like a girl scream that so many other rock bands do. He still sounds like he is indeed a male. They have really cool arrangements where the lyrics are emotional and loud but the guitar doesn't get there until the song has developed. You can sing an acoustic version of so many of their songs and its amazing but then you throw in the distortions and cool guitar riffs with thick bass and it creates obsessions that can't be shaken. That's why I'm still playing songs released in 2005 on repeat.

Sometimes the live shows of bands who have a guitarist as the lead singer struggle to have both the energetic show and the cool music, but not El Guapo and his gang. They rock hard and wild. They make it fun even if the music sucked. Which it doesn't. In fact I think I like the live versions of many of their songs more than the official releases because I like a little bit of imperfection and emotion in it.

Here is just one song that should never be taken off the playlist.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Tips For Writing A Song

Music is the sound of emotion, it's an avenue to share stories, experiences and feelings through lyric, beat and harmony.

Transmitting Emotion Into Sound

If you're a song writer, you've experienced the trial of transmitting emotions or a story into song. Sometimes you just can't seem to find the right lyric or the proper chord progression.
There are few things that express emotion for me better than music. I love listening to and playing music. I really enjoy writing new songs and putting it all together but sometimes it seems like the best song has a dead end about half way through. Here are a few suggestions to get you past those sticky spots during the song writing process.

Start With The Music

Sometimes all you need is a beat and the lyrics will come. I once wrote an entire song called He Sees You Now in one short evening. I put a capo on the third fret of my guitar and strummed a gentle G chord. Suddenly within minutes I had an entire verse, I wasn't even sure where the song was headed until I had completed that verse then the images and emotions started coming together and I wrote a very cool song.

My personal thought on this is that some of us have a much easier time connecting to the sound of music than plain lyrics. Therefore, it helps to have a rhythm, beat or harmony to help your mind and emotion join in song. It allows you to find creative ways to phrase certain emotions, that sound good with the music. Rather than trying to make music fit some stale words.

If you've got a partial song but have run into one of those brick walls that relentlessly holds you back. Sometimes all you need is a change in the tune. I'm not suggesting you change the piece you've already composed, but sometimes it's appropriate to find a new chord progression within your key and play with it. You may end up turning your verse in to the chorus or finding a cool bridge or some other flair that kicks you off into a new piece.

Start With The Lyrics

Most songs I write start with some cool lyric that I've randomly come up with during my daily routine. I'll hear or see something that triggers a thought/song in my head and on the way home from work I'll play with it vocally. Sometimes over the next couple minutes or next few days I'll build on that one line until I've got a verse or chorus that seems good enough to build on.

Sometimes I'll get out the rhyming dictionary and start writing down random lines that fit with my original verse. It doesn't have to make sense yet, it's just brain storming and stimulating new ideas. Sometimes rhyming can be overdone and corny, but it can also help bring new words, ideas and directions into the song even if you don't use the rhyme.

Read poetry and discover the clever ways poets and song writer use words. Sometimes they leave a line hanging letting the listener or reader imagine what comes next. Sometimes it is so detailed you feel like there is no room for imagination. Sometime it seams like one line has nothing to do with the lines before and after.

If it's a story your singing. Come at it from different time periods or perspectives. Let the listener be a part of the song. Show the different characters involved, from each of their perspectives or from the perspective of one. The options for lyrics are endless and there are dozens of tools to help you create them. Sometimes it's easier to make the music fit the lyric than to make the lyric fit the music.

Fill Your Mind With Pictures

Sometimes I'll imagine a place that is fitting for the story I want to tell. For example I wrote a song called Facing The Past. In that story I pictured what the house might look like of the family I was writing about.The song starts "It's old and rusty with cracks in the sidewalk, I open the front door and see the last dusty foot steps, I sit down on the staircase and try to stomach the past, my eyes cry tears to the dust on these old broken floor boards" later in that song I imagined this individual who is doing better but not free from his struggles in an older car early in the morning emotionally struggling. The song continues "but she's out of town and I'm caught in a struggle wrestling inside of myself, there's frost on the windshield I'm sitting here freezing, emotionally broken I'm begging and pleading, it's times like these my mind takes me back, to think on it all leaves my soul feeling black."
One way to fill your mind with images and settings for song writing is to find pictures that represent your story and draw from the emotion and imagery. Turn that into lyric and beat. Describe the images or situations. Sometimes you just have to write the story down and then turn it into musical lyrics later.

I once heard an artist say he'll fill the entire room with images that represent the song he wants to write, pictures posters, poems etc... until he's got enough material around him to write a song with powerful imagery and emotion.

Best Wishes

There I thousands of materials and methods to help write songs. I hope these tips have presented something new to help you past a few of your song writing obstacles. Let me hear your feedback. I would love to hear your song writing methods as well as your songs.

Below are the two songs I used as examples in the article.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wood Heart by Listener

I had never heard of the band Listener, but came across their song shared on Google+. I had to listen to it three times, even though I was dying to go to sleep, because it is so creative and so lyrically genius. It is different, creative, touching, inspiring, dark and spiritual all in a couple minutes. I think it is some amazing work. Check out the song let me hear your thoughts. Clever!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Viewers And Feedback

Though I've had very few people offer me feedback after watching my latest video it's extremely exciting to chat with those few who do comment. I love to connect to others through music. I realize I am far from professional so my audience is small and my videos are not top quality but it's part of the journey and I'm loving it. I hope we can continue to stay in touch. If you're new welcome. I look forward to getting to know you. Thanks again to all those listeners out there.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has visited, listened, watched commented and more. I appreciate the support. I know I'm new to the music world and I have a lot to learn and grow so I'm so grateful for the support here and now.

I kind of try to live my life thinking that those who win are the ones that try. Not necessarily the most naturally gifted or best situated but the ones who want it and go for it. So I'm putting it out there even though it's not perfect and so far I've received positive feedback. Thanks again.

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Summer's Day In Late November

Being a parent is so amazing. I actually wrote this song when my wife was pregnant with our first child but I had no idea that life would be so joyful being a parent. We now have two kids and I love absolutely love it.

I've struggled to title the song so who knows if this one will stick but for now I call it A Summer's Day In Late November because my son was born in November so every November we get to celebrate that little man and it brings the sunshine down.

I hope you enjoy the song.

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Voice Lessons For Everyone?

I've been playing guitar for quite a few years and for many of those years I was too shy or embarrassed to sing, and even when I did sing it was usually punk rock since I was a teenager when Blink 182, Green Day and many others were at the top of their game. Thus my voice training and technique are awful. Over the last couple years I've started singing more and thanks to a few bands such as Matchbox20/Rob Thomas, Chris Daughtry, Thirty Seconds To Mars, and others I've changed some of my techniques but I still don't have good technique or skill.

I've looked at a fair amount of YouTube videos about voice coaching and technique. I'm sure I need lessons but I have such a hard time paying someone good money to listen to me make stupid sounds and tell me how it's supposed to feel and sound. Plus it kind of seems like they all want me to sing like a theater actor. Don't get me wrong I love that kind of music to in fact the song Bring Him Home from Le Mes is one of my all time favorites, but that's not my preferred type of music to create and sing myself.

Somebody help me out, help me get past this block, because otherwise I'm going to keep creating YouTube videos that have poor singing. Let me hear your thoughts and experiences.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Fire And Ice

This is a song about my lady, but it's a song that shows a little of both extremes. She's so fun to be with, she's got some sass of her own, she frequently has the kindest words and I've seen the sharp tongue she's equipped with a time or two. I think she's physically so beautiful and has the kindest heart. I've seen her get upset and she's not one to back down. I love the strength inside of her.

I apologize for the poor quality of the video. I didn't have my computer and I was excited to lay something down so I used my phone. I have since added some lyrics and started recording it with multiple instruments. It's taking me some time but I will get it uploaded soon enough. Thanks for reading, listening and watching. I hope you enjoy Fire And Ice. I would love to hear your feedback.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

No Big Deal

We've been on the hunt for a house and it causes me to think about how blessed I am in so many ways. The thought occurred to me that if I make some big deal or miss some big deal it's really no big deal to me because my joy isn't caught in financial or worldly possessions anyway.

It kind of goes along with a quote I've heard before "Don't sweat the small stuff, it's all small stuff." I think that's talking about worldly things, not so much our emotional and physical health.

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He Sees You Now

This song was one of those that just came out as soon as I started playing. It was like I hit a couple chords on my guitar and in one train of thought an entire verse and chorus came flowing out. It's a meaningful song to me because it talks about the peace that comes shining through after or during a time of trial. We all go through the ups and downs of life and sometimes it feels like each of us is completely alone walking this globe surrounded by a bunch of acquaintances and strangers who don't understand and seemingly don't care to. Then for one reason or another the light comes through, perspective changes, positive emotion overcomes the clouded thought and it's like God sees your struggle. He lifts you above your own effort and the joys of life become visible again.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Love Was Meant For

Many of us try taking everything on alone so we don't inconvenience anyone else or make a splash of any kind, but sometimes that type of thinking prevents us from truly connecting with one another. Sometimes tough situations become the best opportunities for making connections and building relationships. I wrote this song about my awesome wife who at times keeps things bottled up so she doesn't bother others with her life, but I'm saying open up let us in. haha. Your life is amazing and I/we want to be included. I call this song What Love Was Meant For. I hope you enjoy the song, and I would love to hear your feedback.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Up Through Affliction

Here is the second song I posted on YouTube, I titled it "Addiction Song" but I call it "Scars In My Eyes" once again due to the key words used by YouTube. When I wrote the song I was just thinking about those people we've all seen who seem to have such a difficult childhood and family life but somehow with great resilience come up through and make a good life for themselves. Some people are so inspiring and amazing. I hope you enjoy the song.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Song About Cancer. The Kickoff Of My Music On YouTube.

This is the first song I ever posted on YouTube. I call it Shea Song but it's titled Cancer Song-Not A Scarlet Letter on the Tube because it works off of key words and that seemed the most appropriate. I wrote the song when my sister in law got cancer at a young age. Therefore the song starts "She said" even though she never really said these things to me it's what I imagined and have seen in the eyes of cancer victims. Most of us get to choose many of the problems or challenges we are going to take on each day but cancer victims have to deal with cancer every day and for many the end is extremely emotional and difficult. Even after getting through a battle of cancer I've seen that it doesn't end there. Not even close. So I want to continue to reach out and support cancer victims everywhere. I feel so sad for the struggle and proud of your courage and fight. You have changed me and continue to inspire me. God bless all those effected by cancer.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Welcome to my blog. I have hobbies of every kind, too many in fact. I struggle to keep up on any single one of my hobbies. I'm kind of a jack of all trades and an expert at none. This blog, however, will mostly contain my music updates, and songs. I love writing new music. I struggle to stay on pitch much of the time but I still have a lot of fun playing and singing, and so far I've received really positive feedback from my listeners and viewers. I hope you enjoy my music as well. Thanks for stopping by.
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