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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Old Obsessions Return

I've had this sudden attack, a need to hear more Foo Fighters and more and more and more.... with no end in sight. I think the Foo Fighters are unique in that he yells but not in the high I wanna sound like a girl scream that so many other rock bands do. He still sounds like he is indeed a male. They have really cool arrangements where the lyrics are emotional and loud but the guitar doesn't get there until the song has developed. You can sing an acoustic version of so many of their songs and its amazing but then you throw in the distortions and cool guitar riffs with thick bass and it creates obsessions that can't be shaken. That's why I'm still playing songs released in 2005 on repeat.

Sometimes the live shows of bands who have a guitarist as the lead singer struggle to have both the energetic show and the cool music, but not El Guapo and his gang. They rock hard and wild. They make it fun even if the music sucked. Which it doesn't. In fact I think I like the live versions of many of their songs more than the official releases because I like a little bit of imperfection and emotion in it.

Here is just one song that should never be taken off the playlist.

Bronson Wilks You Tube

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