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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Fun

As usual, Christmas was a blast. The kids were so excited they were bursting at the seams, and once again, they may have gotten a little too much. In fact, we still have a couple presents that we decided not to give them. We were surprised at how much we had purchased for them. I think shopping early just meant we had more time to buy, buy, buy.

We always go home for Christmas since both of our parents still live in Parowan, which makes it fun to carry out some Christmas traditions. We always do the Nativity scene with Tana's family, the kids were fabulous sheep. My mom always does an amazing Christmas dinner, this year it was after Christmas in order to match everyone's schedules. It was fun to have every grandchild on my family's side all together. Which has been a challenge over the last couple years because two of my nephews were in the hospital multiple days last year, one of them was still very young during the RSV season and two of them live in Texas but this year we were all healthy and present. What a good time.

Last year we kind of randomly built a mini bobsled track in my parents yard and had so much fun doing it that this year we got straight to it. Gratefully we had a very white Christmas to make it even more fun. The kids had tons of fun sledding. My son was so into it that he nearly got frostbite on his cheeks. Luckily I noticed the white circles and we went inside just in time. Here is a video of our little sledding track. It's getting icier as I type.

All the new snow encouraged the wildlife to come into town every evening so we saw lots of deer. When I came home late one night there were three rabbits in the front yard. It's fun to go to the small town every once in a while and remember how relaxed the community is, how close to nature they are and to make up your own fun because there aren't endless amounts of people and entertainment venues all around.

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