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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Home For Christmas.

It's that time of year. CHRISTMAAAAAAS! Since my wife and I are from the same town, it's an easy decision to make when making our Christmas plans. It's such a fun time of the year when everyone is taking breaks from work and giving gifts. Last year we built a mini bobsled track at my parents house so this year we might have to make it all the way up the mountain. Especially since we have some fresh snow. I'm feeling good about the track potential.

Last year the only two sleds we had were a big ice fishing sled normally used to pull fishing gear, the kids could fit all the way inside it. My son could lay flat and you couldn't even see him, so he was bombing down the mountain in that one, but the bobsled was a tiny saucer. It worked pretty good for the kiddos, but we adults could barely fold ourselves up small enough to give it ago. It made for a lot of fun though. It was more of a competition, who could make it the farthest down the track rather than who was the fastest.

It's always fun to get out of the city and back to the small town where we can ride ATVs, go sledding across the street and see wildlife in our yards. Not to mention the endless amounts of goodies that all the long time friends and family bring by. It's fun to be in a tight nit community during the Christmas Holiday. I can't wait for my mom's Christmas Eve dinner. I think I like it more than Thanksgiving. It's a little nicer, healthier and has some Christmas tradition food items that I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas. Thank you all for following me and for adding to my community. I appreciate you all and hope we can continue to create positive influence throughout the world for many Christmases to come. Merry Christmas.

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