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Sunday, December 13, 2015

More Work On The Kitchen

After far too many days of living in madness we finally finished the section of the floor where the wall previously sat, textured and painted the pantry remodel, and have started putting some shelves in so it's now a kinda functional, and we can put things away again. It has been awful living with the fridge in the middle of the floor and and all our food and appliances in baskets and on the counter. And the sheet rock dust never ends. I feel like we clean it up every day and yet the next day there is more. Here is a little view of the exterior progression.

One thing I did to save a little struggle was I only cut wholes in one side of the wall. I pulled the wires out of the floor and ceiling and cut the entire wall off. Then slid it over and rebuilt the needed parts. So the other side of the wall only needed mop boards and to be attached and refinished to the perpendicular wall.

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