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Monday, December 14, 2015

Take Control Of Your Destiny Or Someone Else Will

I was listening to a talk on my drive home when I heard the speaker make a statement along the lines of "Take control of your destiny or someone else will." and isn't that the truth. People love to have input and influence in other people's lives and the sad part is, it's not always for the positive. As you study familial and societal cultures you'll see patterns that show, we as humans like to stick with what we are familiar with not necessarily what is best for us, and one way we make that happen is by controlling certain things around us, including the way we talk to people, the types of communication often including familiar manipulation and passive aggressiveness, or self-savatage. The point of this backstory is to help you understand that when you take control of your life and begin the changing process, the people around you are going to see it and more importantly feel it. You won't be able to control nor predict what they will do in response and they might be frustrated that they can't control you.

It's a scary thought to think that even the people close to you might struggle with your new life of purpose and pursuit of bigger dreams. Fear is almost always the reason most people don't even try to chase their dreams and goals. Fear of the unknown keeps people in their comfort zone, and the sad thing is, the unknown usually isn't nearly as bad as our brains make it out to be. Once you step through that fear and take the first few steps into the dark, you find you're better at navigating it than you thought and the challenges that come aren't as big and bad as your imagination.

Successful people frequently talk about risk takers and people who are unafraid to fail, these are the ones who win. Being afraid to fail is a symptom of shame. I've been reading as much Brene Brown material as possible lately. Brene has a wealth of knowledge around shame, and many of the symptoms we struggle with as a result. Everybody has shame in one way or another, and we all feel inadequate in many different areas of our lives, but for whatever reason, some people have come to the realization that failing is a part of life and it doesn't determine their value, they see failure as an opportunity for learning and growth. That is the attitude of successful people. They can achieve their goals and dreams because they are willing to walk through the mud between where they are right now and where they want to be.

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