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Monday, January 18, 2016

Aim For Quality

The Internet is so big, so powerful and so novel that even decades later we're just getting into a place where quality is king. It has taken many years to get things shaken out to the point that quality really matters when it comes to ranking but also, with a couple generation having lived their entire lives with the internet in the home, people are now becoming tuned into the type of language and emotion of electronic communication. It was once very easy to con people and be conned but times have changed. Nothing runs a millennial away faster than BS. So avoid it at all cost. We are entering a phase where everyone will have to create their own brand online and then transfer that into whatever career they choose, whether or not it is an online profession. Make sure you are providing the world with quality content, honest and genuine personality and carefully tapping into the emotional experience you want them to have when they come across your brand.

Many people forget about the emotional experience that customers or partners have when dealing with a business, but that is in fact one of the two most important factors in any successful business. Think about Mac for a minute. They are possibly the best at creating an emotion experience and attachment to their brand. The box their products come in are better than some of their competitors products. The sexy lines and curves, the sounds from clicking the mouse pad. The texture, and the list goes on and on. The total user experience is amazing from start to finish and it leaves customers feeling emotionally invested, which they are because they just paid nearly double for the same product as their competitors offer but the customer feels like it was worth it. Why? Because the emotional experience was important to Mac and the customer unconsciously feels it.

In the internet world you are a brand. You must take care of your brand. Make it quality, make it count.

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