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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Learn From the Best

There are great lessons to be learned and motivation to be gained by learning from the best. I find great joy in watching videos about Michael Jordan because he has such a relentless desire to be great at everything he does. He is motivating because his work ethic and focus is contagious. He has found fabulous nuggets of wisdom through his journey. The same with the top performers in other industries as well, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others have come onto great habits, knowledge and wisdom through their lives. It's not just the wisdom though. As I wrote about in my New Year’s article, it's the type of motivation that comes from hanging around these people that I frequently need.

Setting a New Year’s goal to lose weight or gain muscle is very superficial and hard to maintain motivation, unless you hang around people that are not only obsessed with health and fitness but live it well. If you and your frequent associates constantly talk about and do things like make health conscious food choices, educate yourselves and each other about the newest bit of information you found in regards to fat burning and muscle building, or heart health, go to the gym together, and enjoy the benefits of feeling amazing together. You will maintain motivation and speed up the process of progression which is motivating in and of itself. You must not make it a challenge of your willpower, rather an enlightening of your mind. Feed your brain the information it needs to make a real and lasting change in your lifestyle. Start from the place of power and the results are sure to come.

Since many of my goals are centered around quality family time and financial freedom. I read and listen to people that are in the place that I want to be. I hang around those people in the best possible way, every single day. I watch hours of You Tube videos every week and it’s not fails or pranks. I watch biographies, documentaries and speeches. I get on live streams and engage with the people who know exactly how to create the things I am working toward. It eliminates the guess work in a lot of ways, and puts the motivation and the process in my brain every day which naturally causes me to act in ways that are in my best interest.

A video I watched today actually talked about getting yourself into the top 5% of the thing you do well. Become one of the best, but in order to be one of the best, you have to know and do things that the majority doesn’t know and do. It takes lots of time and effort to become the best but the learning curve can be cut by learning directly from the best right now.

The Lifestyle of the Healthy, Wealthy and Happy!

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