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Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, Change Your Routine Without Scarcity Type Thinking.

Without a change in your routine there will be no change in your future results. As Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about in his book, if you want to be great at anything it’s all about reps and sets. Whoever does the most reps and sets will be the biggest, the best, the master. So when you are setting your New Year’s Resolutions, think about the things in your routine you can change in order to get the ultimate goals you really want. I’m not talking about things like, getting a gym pass so I can lose some weight, you won’t last. You will only join the millions of people that make gyms across the country successful. Rather, what is your real desire, to be physically healthy? If so, you might want to change some piece of your routine that helps you focus on that goal and reminds you why you want to be healthy, because a smaller waste only lasts as motivation for a short time. Mostly it reminds you that you’re fatter than you want to be. That’s not a healthy thought to carry through the next year, or more likely the next month. Try following a blog run by someone so obsessed with health that they find the best information, the best food for thought and great results. Not just one that shows skinny people, an advertised weight loss plan and a bunch of crap to suck you in. Find blogs and social media accounts that show a wide variety of information and have a community of healthy people living a healthy lifestyle. There are people out there so obsessed with healthy living that they almost can’t help but to put out great content constantly. Become friends with those people. They’ll remind you with good reason and positive thinking why you want to be healthy.

Did you know that you actually burn fat during your REM cycles of sleep, so here’s a tip to the person wanting to feel better and lose weight. Go to bed at a good hour and sleep for eight hours. Also during your sleep your brain cleans out all the toxins built up from the previous day, you also balance out and in a sense reset your hormones, so if you want help with your diet and the way you feel. Go to bed early and sleep eight hours a night. Nobody will make money off of that plan but it works miracles.

A few weeks ago I went to bed with my son at about 8:00pm for nearly a week straight and slept until I was ready to get up. I get up when I’m rested though, because I love living life so much that I hate wasting it in bed. Still, I slept somewhere between 8 and 10 hours each night that week and I didn’t make the connection until about a week later that I didn’t have any cravings for sugar or other junk food that entire week. I pretty much wanted salads and carrots during that time. My health was a side effect of giving my body what it naturally wanted, sleep. I didn’t wrestle with a bunch of negative emotion around craving unhealthy food. That part was easy.

Here’s another example, if you want to change your bank account or investment account this year change the way you move your money and save your money. Don’t start with things like, I’m only eating out once a month this year, or, I’m not buying as many cloths this year, or any other limiting type of thought. Those come from a scarcity type of thinking. Rather, when you get paid immediately put 10% in your stock market fund, it can be done electronically in a matter of seconds but you can’t get it back quite as easy, which will prevent you from pulling it right back out. Plus you only have to find the courage to do that every two weeks. I’ve tried this method with my savings vs checking account, but the second I get a little desperate for money, I just transfer the money back to checking and it’s gone. Using my stock market account though, has made it exciting and fun to see how much I can put away, and at first my bank account suffered, but without even making any day to day goals about not spending money. We naturally adjusted our spending to the amount of money we have available. So I set a goal to have more than a specific amount in my stock market account by my thirty second birthday, I created a spread sheet with the scheduled amount of money each day leading up to that point and I have had a ton of fun trying to stay ahead of schedule.

You must change your routine without using scarcity type statements and thinking. Those types of New Year’s Resolutions are a setup for failure because the statements themselves are coming from a place of scarcity and failure. The goal to eat out no more than once a month is a good practice unless you love eating out, you choose good food and it facilitates some piece of positivity in your life. And, you will naturally stop eating out if your bank account says not today. However, the other way of doing it is you saying not today to yourself for what seems like no good reason inside your brain, which is a negative experience. Let’s all try to avoid negativity this year. This year is going to be the most positive and fruitful year ever. Best wishes and Happy New Year to each of you.

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